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AllureWork - Práca v Nemecku remeselné činnosti - AllureWork - Práca v Nemecku remeselné činnosti

Are you a craftman?

The current job offers can be found in job offers or on the Facebook profile. Please send us your details and we will contact you.

Job offers

We'll find a right job for you

Electrician, Heating, Sanitary workers, Mason workers, Locksmith, Drywall workers, Welding, Construction (also helpers).

Job offers

A strong and stable partner

We will ensure and pay you accommodation, we will ensure employment under pre-arranged conditions, money on time, helping hand.

Job offers

Complete service

including all formalities from
signing the contract until leaving
to the place of work.


100% seriousness of ours
parties during performance
contractual terms and conditions.

Insurance of payments

Our company is insured
receivables abroad
by an authorized company.

Our team is very narrow, allowing us to respond immediately
any requirements of our employees as well as our clients
and thus provide service for all stakeholders.


Thanks to our long-standing relationships with our clients abroad, we know to ensure a serious and well-paid job abroad.


We contribute to verified collaborators (after 6 months)
the way home + we paid a health / accident insurance package.


Each co-worker's registration is in compliance
with Act no. 428/2002 Coll. About Privacy Policy.

More about us

How to do it?


How can you contact us and what are the conditions of registration?

Contact us by phone, mail, or directly through the free registration... viac


How do we cooperate with our colleagues / partners?

In case we are looking for you and you are a suitable partner for... viac


Accommodation and travel costs

Accommodation is provided and paid for each co-worker... viac


Length of

It's individual by project, but by default we can say that the turns... viac


Did not your past company pay the invoice?

Our company has insured claims abroad with an authorized... viac


We mainly

100% guarantee on our side in fulfilling the contractual terms... viac

They said about us...

Satisfied and faithful employee is the most important.

They said about us ...

Peter Kováčik Brezno

“Human approach, fairness, money on time - this is my experience with AllureWork.”

They said about us ...

Milan Klepáč Liptovský Mikuláš

“The cooperation is according to the agreements, in case of complication there is always some support from AllureWork to speak with. Money are always on time according the agreements. ”

They said about us ...

Jozef Frič Prešov

“Together with our three colleagues, we have had 4th batch, nice accommodation, work conditions are exactly like was agreed. Money is still on time.”